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Words such as “Aku terima nikahnya…” or “I do” carries along with it a very special event to most people. Even us. But why only feel the happiness once, when you can capture and savour the moment again in one or even ten years from now. So, relax, let us snap the beautiful moment for you. You just sit there and be gorgeous.

Blow out the candles. Eat the cake. Play with balloons. Be happy. Just do anything to celebrate your special ones’ annual grand day, and we’ll be there for you to capture the minutes.

After all the sweats, training and the drill, now the athletes face the moment of truth. The match day. On your mark, get set, go! Win or lose is not important. It’s the amount of effort and sportsmanship you put in order to have a good match. And again, we’ll be there to shoot as you are there to seize the moment. Any sweat? No sweat!

Recreational activities

Stretch that muscle *snap*, breathe in breathe out *snap*. Every pose is worth captured for. Why settle for the normal pose when you know your body is made for something more. Come on. Strike that pose. ”Lapan, lapan lagi”.

Studio Potraiture

God created every one of us so beautiful, unique and photogenic. So, why hide it? Embrace it. Be proud of it. Let our camera capture it. Put it in a frame, and you’ll definitely love it.

Conference / Convention / Corporate Events
Be it a press conference, launching of a new product, or a corporate dinner, we’ll be there for you. For your photography needs that is. Blue tie? Black tie? Don’t worry. We can put up a formal face as well.

Photo Journalism
Pulitzer, anyone? If you’re a reporter in need of good quality photos, call us. We’ll help you raise your stories up to any standard. After all, if music is lost without rhythm, then news is just writing without photos.

Food & Beverages
Hear the pan sizzling, smell the cheese melting and feel the softness of the just-baked buns… Food and drinks never look this good as we add some secret recipe to it. Nothing much really. Just the art of seeing.

Image Manipulation
Remember Mariah Carey’s legs on her controversial album cover? It’s not lying. It’s just an imagination. Imagination that has been creatively combined with the powerful invention of modern technology. So, here’s the plan. You tell us what your imagination is, and we’ll try to make it as real as possible. How ‘bout that?

Colour Correction
Color correction by using color gels, or filters, is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television, cinematography and other disciplines, the intention of which is to alter the overall color of the light. Ok, I admit it, this is not from me. It’s Wikipedia talking. Better get the fact straight or else it’ll be my arm. Heehe.

There’s one little known fact about good photography; its convergence with the creation of printing technology. With a little touch on the finishing, the different paper style, a dull photo can turn out to be of a masterpiece quality. We covers it all. So, next time you see us, ask about our custom made album, coffee table book, poster and many more printing products.

Art & Design
Diversification is one way to create much more ideas. We also cater for your graphic designing needs; Photo album layout, website designs, website album, wedding card invitations, bunting and as Tiyoon always put it, et cetera, et cetera. J

Interior / Furniture
What is it that makes a house? Or an office? Some say it’s the people. Some say the furniture or the interior decoration. Ashburn? Oak? Teak? Well, doesn’t really matter about the woOod, we’ll make your photos look goOooOOod. We’ll take on the challenge.

Sepia, black & white, monochrome, midnight or other effects are there to satisfy the many subjective demands from clients. Tell us what you want, how you want it, and we’ll transform your photos to any grade, any colour or any effects you want.

Still Life / Macro
How many lines are there in a dragonfly’s flaps? How many circles are there in a housefly’s big round eyes? Some might just resort to National Geographic or Discovery Channel for the answers, but how about seeing them up-close, first hand? Just look at the beautiful purple pollen in a morning glory, you’ll surely be amazed!

Workshop / Tutorial / Education
People say nothing last forever. True. But something can be handed down to generations. We would love to share our knowledge to interested photography lover. Just watch out for our monthly notice and register. Place is limited.

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