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Khairuzikri Mohd Shahid (Tune)

Having worked in the creative industry for over 10 years now – from an animation works at Kharisma Pictures to being a Fine Art student at the Malaysian Institute of Art – Tune has gone a long way and now he can proudly say he has proven himself to be able to have his very own creative studio.

You can tell right away that Tune is a man of art. Although his experience can easily make him very boastful and snobbish, this Taiping-born lad is actually very modest and funny. You can tell that immediately after the first handshake.

Tune captures his ideas from almost everywhere. Give the man a pencil and paper, and you’ll know what he is all about.

Tune, is also a master of post-production, graphic designing to be precise. Don’t let his appearance fool you – Tune’s love for music, culture and nature can be felt easily in his works of photography and other artwork masterpiece.

He is definitely a King of all trades and Jack of none.

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