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The Beauty Of Sand Sculpture

In this post we have collected some awesome and unbelievable sand sculptures for your inspiration. Enjoy!! Sand Sculptures   Zandsculpturen festival lommel A Visit to The Denist Washington Crossing The Delaware Triceratops DA VINCI SAND SCULPTURE the Adoration of the Shepherds The Tallest Sand Sculpture Mount…

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Info • What If Oscars Were Given To Movie Websites? • Part 02

Nomination: Best HTML Website Many movie websites use Flash when HTML, CSS and a couple of good JavaScript effects would do. The four websites below break from this convention and prove that good movie website design does not necessarily have to include Flash. The Cove…

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Info • What If Oscars Were Given To Movie Websites? • Part 01

Many of us today probably use the Web to book tickets and find information about movies. By selling tickets and entertaining visitors, websites help movies succeed at the box office and earn public approval. And yet, website developers don’t get any public recognition for the…

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Inspirations • The Beauty Of Typography

The Beauty Of Typography: Writing Systems And Calligraphy Of The World The beauty of typography has no borders. While most of us work with the familiar Latin alphabet, international projects usually require quite extensive knowledge about less familiar writing systems from around the world. The…

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