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The Beauty Of Sand Sculpture

In this post we have collected some awesome and unbelievable sand sculptures for your inspiration. Enjoy!! Sand Sculptures   Zandsculpturen festival lommel A Visit to The Denist Washington Crossing The Delaware Triceratops DA VINCI SAND SCULPTURE the Adoration of the Shepherds The Tallest Sand Sculpture Mount…

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40 Best HDRI / HDR Car Photos

HDR or HDRI  – In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital…

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Amazing Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is the art of editing an image in order to create an illusion or deception. It can be accomplished through analog or digital means. In this post we have collected some amazing photo manipulations. Enjoy!! Firewater   Stop time III Lemon Chess king The…

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Creative & Awesome Automotive Advertisements

Halo… In this post I have put together 28 creative & awesome advertisements to inspire you. Enjoy!! Audi R8: History   Honda Civic: Woodsman Suzuki: Ostrich Yamaha: Gorilla Yamaha: Rhinoceros Iveco Trucks: Elephant Chrysler 300: The only real in the paper world, 2 Nissan Altima Coupe Ford…

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Coca-Cola Designs

  My vision of Coca Cola Showcase 09/10 Coke Gear Coca-Cola – Football Coca Cola Contest Coke Live Music Fesival Wallpaper #1 Coca Cola Aluminum Bottle  Coke Zero visual identity Coke Teens Packaging Coca-Cola Cup 2009 Cans   Coca-Cola Coca Cola energise Coca-Cola Gastronomic Festival…

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Creative Examples of Silhouette Photography

The technique is not easy, and there is a lot more involved than in my short explanation here. There is a selection of resources about taking silhouette photography included after the showcase. So here is a selection of stunning silhouette photographs where the creative photographers…

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Portrait Photography

Potret fotografi kebanyakkan mengfokuskan wajah dan ekspresi seseorang.. jom kali ni kita tengok, ada 32 contoh potret untuk dijadikan inspirasi kita bersama… Chekidaut!!! Portrait photography focuses on making the face and expression of the person or group predominant. In this post we have collected 32…

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The incredible art of Luka Skalabrin

Luka Skalabrin bukan ‘Zila Bakarin’ sorang lagi ‘Photo manipulator‘ yang hebat.. artwork-artwork dia ni memang Goth, Dark, Kelam dan seangkatan dgnnya…  menarik dan sangat details.. bila cantik… orang nak tengok walau pun tak paham apa yg si artist nak ceritakan… aku sangat suka dgn artwork…

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A collection of inspirational Black and White Photos

The basic technique of Black and White photography is to be able to communicate rather than to impress with a visual presentation of colors. Black and white photography seems to tame and mute the moment it captures on film, presenting a serene aesthetic. It also…

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Annual Design Awards Open for 2011 Entries

The Annual Design Awards 2011 is here! Enter to win up to $20,000 worth of prizes of design software Over $20,000 Worth of Prizes Receive the ANNDAS Trophy Feature in Magazines & Blogs Reach over 1 Million Designers Get featured in the Yearly Book  …

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