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Limbo by Ale’gore

Limbo by Ale’gore” is an exhibition of artworks that cut across the full spectrum of style, genre and medium, each provides pricing options that are reasonable both to seasoned and new collectors. The title Limbo is chosen to reflect the transient state between drawing and…

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Showcase • Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits • David Jon Kassan

Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits by David Jon Kassan Photo: David Jon Kassan If you see an image of a person that seems extremely lifelike because of the fine detail, you would probably expect to be viewing a photographic representation of the person concerned. What if, however,…

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Showcase • 1951 Custom Harley-Davidson Panhead • by Thunderbike

Typically known for their more “custom chopper” oriented builds, the design team Thunderbike has certainly stepped outside of their box with the introduction of this custom 1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead. The bike has been fully customized by the shop which includes many of their own fabricated…

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Creative ads on elevators and escalators

This is some interesting advertisments used on elevators and escalators.    

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Showcase • Awesome Animated Banksy • A Series of Banksy Street Art

Animated Banksy is a marvelous series of animated GIF images, made up from famous satirical Banksy street art, created by Serbian artist ABVH of the Tumblr blog Made By ABVH. It is truly amazing how adding a slight degree of motion to an originally motionless…

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Showcase • Smart Advertising • Bizarre and Creative Ads

Showcase Smart Advertising Bizarre and Creative Ads   Over 30 creative, smart, and awe-inspiring advertisements and messages have been compiled in this article to inspire and showcase outstanding achievement in this industry. Denver Water Conservation Nike Run Mars Chilled BMW of Bridgeport Coop’s Paint (Nationwide…

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Showcase • Hooker Dreamscape by Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia is of Polish descent, born in 1983 in Burbank, California, and currently based in Los Angeles. In 2007, she graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Inspired by light, color, punk rock music, hot chicks and sparkles, her work has been…

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50 Rock N’ Roll Posters

50 Rock N’ Roll Posters from The Beatles to Nirvana, Classic Rock to Punk Rock to Heavy Metal Rock and roll isn’t just about the sound, it’s about the image, too. From classic bands like The Beatles to KISS, to modern acts like Rage Against…

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Coca-Cola Designs

  My vision of Coca Cola Showcase 09/10 Coke Gear Coca-Cola – Football Coca Cola Contest Coke Live Music Fesival Wallpaper #1 Coca Cola Aluminum Bottle  Coke Zero visual identity Coke Teens Packaging Coca-Cola Cup 2009 Cans   Coca-Cola Coca Cola energise Coca-Cola Gastronomic Festival…

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The incredible art of Luka Skalabrin

Luka Skalabrin bukan ‘Zila Bakarin’ sorang lagi ‘Photo manipulator‘ yang hebat.. artwork-artwork dia ni memang Goth, Dark, Kelam dan seangkatan dgnnya…  menarik dan sangat details.. bila cantik… orang nak tengok walau pun tak paham apa yg si artist nak ceritakan… aku sangat suka dgn artwork…

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