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Inspiration | Anti-Smoking Advertising Campaigns

United Kingdom, is celebrated the No Smoking Day. It is an annual health awareness day intended to help smokers who want to quit smoking. With this occasion, I’ve put together a collection of advertising campaigns that bring to your attention, why you should stop smoking….

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Showcase • Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits • David Jon Kassan

Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits by David Jon Kassan Photo: David Jon Kassan If you see an image of a person that seems extremely lifelike because of the fine detail, you would probably expect to be viewing a photographic representation of the person concerned. What if, however,…

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Inspirations • creative ads on elevators and escalators

With so much of new world advertisement trying to surreptitiously alter people’s way of thinking both consciously and subconsciously, it is refreshing to see ads that use beautiful artistic creative means of drawing our attention to their products.   Here are a few adverts that I…

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Creative ads on elevators and escalators

This is some interesting advertisments used on elevators and escalators.    

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Showcase • Awesome Animated Banksy • A Series of Banksy Street Art

Animated Banksy is a marvelous series of animated GIF images, made up from famous satirical Banksy street art, created by Serbian artist ABVH of the Tumblr blog Made By ABVH. It is truly amazing how adding a slight degree of motion to an originally motionless…

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Awesome Interactive Wall

When technology meets office design to create an eye catching workplace viewable from blocks away, we can’t help but be tinkled pink at the thought. The events agency Büro Hirzberger hired one of the best techie talents, Austrian design agency Strukt Design Studio to create…

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Inspirations • Introducing Adam Carvalho

Great set of illustrations by Adams Carvalho. Illustrator: Adams Carvalho Adams Carvalho Illustrations    

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Impossible Installations: Massive Fake Art Exhibitions

Impossible Installations: Massive Fake Art Exhibitions Actual art installations are often surreal enough in real life, but this meta-art of David Michele‘s Pseudo-Documentary series takes the idea of gallery exhibitions to entirely new levels. Addressing “issues of abstraction, conventions of documenting art, and the ideology…

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The Beauty Of Sand Sculpture

In this post we have collected some awesome and unbelievable sand sculptures for your inspiration. Enjoy!! Sand Sculptures   Zandsculpturen festival lommel A Visit to The Denist Washington Crossing The Delaware Triceratops DA VINCI SAND SCULPTURE the Adoration of the Shepherds The Tallest Sand Sculpture Mount…

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40 Best HDRI / HDR Car Photos

HDR or HDRI  – In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital…

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