Limbo by Ale’gore” is an exhibition of artworks that cut across the full spectrum of style, genre and medium, each provides pricing options that are reasonable both to seasoned and new collectors.

The title Limbo is chosen to reflect the transient state between drawing and painting. It carries a connotation of uncertainty befitting the uncertainty in art, for example in defining a drawing and a painting. While drawings are generally accepted as finished artwork and exhibited extensively alongside paintings in the contemporary art scene, the fact remains that drawings are remarkable. It is essentially the very first creative spark, the raw representation of an idea that is then nurtured and developed by the artist into something more define. For this collective of artists, this exhibition celebrates ideas, from its conception and evolution to become the full fruition of that initial spark. The range of artwork has the raw quality without shying away from being a finished product.

You are invited to enter the artists’ minds and share their passion. It’s a strong motivator to those who love art and care about exploring the thoughts of the artists.

Artelier Gallery will host the opening on Wednesday, April 2nd and an art talk on the 2nd week, Wednesday April 23rd. It will be open to public on the April 2nd for 40 days. Officiator for this event will be the artist, Mr Ahmad Zakii Anwar.




LIMBO by Ale’gore


“Limbo by Ale’gore” – features Aini Nazihah Abu Bakar, Badruddin Syah Abdul Wahab, Khairuzikri Mohamad Shahid aka Tune Zikri , M Azri Abdullah & Norlisham Nor.




Norlisham Nor ( born: 1968) is a lecturer for more than 17 years in the subject of typography who decided to paint in his free time. Surrealism was his first love in adventuring his works, later moving into expressionism. He has been involved in a few art exhibitions around the region and actively produces musical jingles in various projects. He believes his relation to his artwork is two different bodies of works, he may know nothing but his works express all honesty.

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M. Azri Abdullah


M Azri Abdullah (born: 1978) graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Art in 2001. He paints for his own satisfaction at night or on weekends after work. According to him, his eyes are drawn to social issue and concerns. Therefore, he carries his observation into his paintings.

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Tune Zikri


Khairuzikri Mohd Shahid (born: 1977) a kampong boy from Taiping Perak with an avant garde flair for art with a career spanning over 10 years in graphics and fine art with various exhibition under his name. He is a graphic artist and creative director turn full blown artist in 2013. Art has become his lifestyle and passion. With no definitive style that he credits to but he takes pride that his pieces are his life and his story.

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Badruddin Syah


Badruddin Syah Abdul Wahab (born: 1974) has been exhibiting his artworks from 1998 but remain as an outsider in the art scene. His recent works show a departure from his gestural black and white drawing when he explores more on colours but maintains his spontaneous movement of marks-making. Not shying away from using the term abstract expressionism in describing his work, he slowly established his signature in blending wicked figurative elements in his labyrinth of abstraction.

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Aini AB


Aini Nazihah Abu Bakar (born: 1983) a new name in the art scene practicing abstract expressionism, finds inspiration from written words and urban scenes. Her artworks which sometimes contain poetry and lyrics are deeply inspired by her late father who was an editor and a hardworking journalist till his last days, as well as her mother’s words of wisdom and support. A graphic design graduate who likes to keep active in the industry, has her mind and hand gestures fast playing with color combinations that are daring with bold textures as her signature mark. catalog_Page_46 catalog_Page_50

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